‘PDX-Mas’ Brewery Visit: A Taste of Cascade Brewing

Blackcap / 8.1%
12 mo. wine barrel aged wheat & blonde ale. Then, aged again with blackcap raspberries. Bright, effervescent, acidic, tart, and a burst of raspberry esters. Medium sweetness.

Sour level 3/5. Overall 3.75/5.

Manhattan 2015 / 10.3%
Quad & blonde ale aged in bourbon & wine barrels w/apple pie cherries and apricot noyaux. Bourbon-y sweet stone fruit are the strongest aromas. Tastes of spiked apples with sour apricot esters, followed with a dry cherry aftertaste.

Pretty sour – level 3.5/5. Overall 4.25/5.

Bourbonic Plague / 13%
Spiced double porter aged in Bourbon barrels up to 2 years, with dates, vanilla beans, and cinnamon.

Sipping-level abv beer though not so dense that you couldn’t get a full pour. Boozy bourbon flavors with dessert-like notes of vanilla, and dates on the front. Cinnamon spice, tip-of-the-tongue tang, and a sticky sweet finish on the tongue.

Sour level 2.75/5. 4/5 overall.

Glueh Griek (served HOT) / 8.6%
Red & blond ales aged with cherries and infused with honey and spices (clove). Served HOT with an orange in it. Bartender (Nicholle) says people call asking about this beer. Who doesn’t want to try a beer served hot?

Clove spice and honey seemed strongest on the nose, after getting past the the citrus from the orange slice. Cinnamon cherry and orange citrus strikes first and foremost. Much like a cider, expect a syrupy honey aftertaste fused with pangs of ‘kriek-y’ acidic orange.

Sour level 3/5. Overall 4.25/5 for being festively season-appropriate.

Pumpkin Smash / 10.8%
Blond and quad ale aged in Bourbon and Brandy barrels, with local house roasted pumpkin & spice. Tried on Nitro.

What I liked about this beer is that the pumpkin isn’t overwhelming. Nutmeg and allspice on the end of the palate are a compliment to the brandy and bourbon cross fermentation. The nitro serving gave it a smooth complexity that went nicely with these flavors.

Sour 2.25/5. Overall 4/5

Berry Christmas / 8.7%
*Only had a single taste from a neighbor BUT what I can say from a single sip is that was the most bite of any beer I’d had all evening. Sour level 4.5/5. 3.75/5 overall.